Sharefest is growing! We are hiring a new team member to fill the new role of Director of Youth Development.

The Director of Youth Development is responsible for all strategy and implementation of Sharefest’s programming. The Director of Youth Development reports to the Executive Director and serves on the leadership team, engaging in strategic planning and goal setting. The Director of Youth Development puts systems into place to enhance the impact of its programs and ensure delivery of missional goals.

The Director of Youth Development provides leadership, professional development, and evaluation of the program team, including supervisors and other assigned staff. He/she develops and manages program budgets and collaborates with the development team on fundraising efforts. The Director of Youth Development ensures a robust impact evaluation plan is in place including data collection and analysis systems and processes. He/she collaborates with the development team to report on program outcomes.

The Director of Youth Development oversees decisions related to community partnerships to maximize efficiency of program delivery and community engagement. He/she represents Sharefest’s programs at national, statewide, and local convenings.

Responsible to: Executive Director (ED)

Program and Staff Direction – 50 percent

  • Oversee Program Design.
    • Oversee the strategic planning and design of Sharefest’s programs including selection and revision of programmatic activities to ensure maximum efficiency and alignment with Sharefest’s organizational logic model.
    • Manage curriculum design that delivers progress on Sharefest’s outcomes.
    • Oversee communication plan that ensures staff fluency in Sharefest’s program model and decreases silos throughout the organization.
    • Collaborate with the development team to ensure fundraising strategies align and support Sharefest’s program model.
    • Manage a needs assessment for Middle School Programming in conjunction with related grant outcomes.
  • Oversee Program Outcomes.
    • Oversee the implementation of Sharefest’s programs to ensure alignment with the organizational logic model and maximum impact.
    • Implement, manage, and revise program impact evaluation plan including data collection, analysis, and reporting systems.
    • Collaborate with the development team to cultivate and steward donors through impact storytelling.
    • Oversee instructional quality, implement tools for evaluating and improving instructional strategies
    • Oversee program partnerships to enhance program outcomes.
    • Maintains school partnership relationships
      • Meets 4 times a year with partnering school administration

Administration – 20 percent

  • Develop and manage program budgets.
  • Develop and manage program data and reporting systems.
  • Provide leadership and management of Educational Services Manager and other assigned staff.
  • Supervise the implementation of best practices, policies and standard procedures to improve the quality of services offered.
  • Recruits and hires talent.
  • Attends and contributes to all staff/team meetings.
  • Offers assistance to recipient organizations, volunteer organizations, Board of Directors, Advisory Board, community stakeholders, staff, volunteers, vendors, donors, and community members.
  • Ensures the structure of the database is designed to track performance on missional goals

Development and Fundraising – 10 percent

  • Assist the development team in managing grants, major donor relationships, events, sponsorships, and other fundraising strategies.
  • Collaborate with the Grant Consultant in submissions and reports to private foundations, businesses and government agencies.
  • Use public speaking opportunities to raise community awareness and grow the number of donors, as requested.

Community Outreach and Advocacy – 20 percent

  • Use strong public speaking and writing skills and a thorough understanding of marketing tools (branding, promotion, public relations, marketing, graphics, video, website and social media) to effectively strengthen Sharefest’s identity in the community.
  • Seek out and build strategic partnerships to help strengthen and support programming.
  • Network with related agencies, individuals, community organizations, government agencies, foundations, and churches with shared missions or concerns as requested.


  • Trauma-informed program design
  • Strong instructional design, especially project-based learning design
  • Delivery of instructional professional development
  • Verbal and written communication skills; ability to write clear, structured, articulate, and persuasive correspondence
  • Attention to detail
  • Knowledge of how to build and implement systems
  • Knowledge of how to build relationships and skill in growing and maintaining them
  • Strong contributor in team environments


  • Takes the initiative to resolve concerns or confirms that the appropriate party resolves the concerns.
  • At all times models and promotes Sharefest values.
  • Is friendly and courteous to co-workers, volunteers, and others. Models a service attitude towards others, takes ownership in solving problems and takes the initiative to improve situations.
  • Works as a team player within the organization and with Sharefest partners.
  • Supports a total quality improvement approach to problem identification and resolution.


  • Minimum of two years’ experience with instructional program leadership.
  • A demonstrated track record of delivering outcomes in youth development programming.
  • A demonstrated track record of leading highly effective teams.
  • A demonstrated ability to plan and operate strategically, to build public support, to strengthen infrastructure, to inspire staff and the board of directors, and to develop effective programs.
  • Exceptional financial, organizational and administrative skills.
  • Proven record of achieving robust outcomes and moving programming to the next level
  • The ability to plan, set goals and objectives, organize, and follow-through.
  • A strong interpersonal and communication skill set and demonstrated ability to work effectively with and gain the respect and support of varied and changing constituencies.
  • A track record as an effective communicator both verbal and written; adept at writing proposals, solicitation letters, donor correspondence, and other kinds of material to enhance fundraising.
  • Minimum of post-degree required.