King (8th Grade): “YDA is the best camp I’ve ever been to in my life. It’s helped me socially because I have problems with getting friends at school. At YDA I have a lot of friends and at my school I don’t really have many friends. YDA is a great place that’s taught me many things and it has changed me.YDA impacted me the most with courage. When I was at school I was a very shy person and wasn’t very good at making friends. Now that I’m at YDA it’s helped me to become a more courageous person and I’ve made a lot of friends here.”

Jaylen (7th Grade, Environmental Charter Middle School): “YDA impacted my life because I would never have spoke in public but thanks to Derrick he gave me the courage to come up here. YDA impacted my life because if i wasn’t here I would have been at my house doing whatever I want, but I came here and met new people. I’m usually shy and keep to myself. I want to thank all the staff for taking the time to take care of us, showing us how to be ourselves, and to believe in ourselves. Although I don’t know everyone, I love you all.”

Miranda (7th Grade, Dodson Middle School): “YDA has been really impactful in my life. I’d probably be sitting on my couch watching movies all day if it wasn’t for YDA. I’ve made so many friends here and I’ve learned so much about exercise and team building.”

Marissa (12th Grade, San Pedro High School): “If you feel lost or you don’t have friends or you feel really alone, Sharefest is something that can help you. With all the difficult things in high school, when I come here I don’t have to deal with any of that. If you feel like High School isn’t a place for you, Sharefest will be like home.”

Sabino (12th Grade, Narbonne High School): “I’m willing to go to college, I’m willing to take as long as it takes to get into the Police Academy because my dream is to become in Criminal Justice as a detective. Everyone here has their own dreams; follow them and don’t give up.”

Ti’lar (12th Grade, Torrance High School): “Sharefest has taught me so much, I think that it’s wonderful that you’re here and willing to learn and grow from your experience. Everyone struggles and it’s okay.”

Adrian (12th Grade, Narbonne High School): “Every year Sharefest has given me a light so I can keep pushing forward. Now I just want to say that Sharefest changed me dramatically. If it wasn’t for Sharefest, I don’t know where I would be.”