We have some wonderful news to share with our Sharefest community! Thanks to the incredible generosity of Moises Figueroa from SA Recycling, we have received a $20,000 donation that will help us continue our important work in transforming the lives of under-served and under-resourced students. As a member of our Board of Directors, Mr. Figueroa has been an invaluable supporter of our fundraising Gala and youth programs. We are truly grateful for his ongoing commitment to our cause. But his support doesn’t end there.

Recently, Mr. Figueroa showcased Union and Non-Union career opportunities at SA Recycling and Pacific Crane Maintenance Companies to students at Angel’s Gate and Patton Continuation High Schools. These opportunities are crucial for students who are on the verge of making post-high school choices that impact their short and long-term futures.

At the presentation, students asked Mr. Figueroa questions about the different career options available to them. One student, a 12th grader named Jose, expressed his gratitude for the presentation. “These guest speakers caught my attention because prior to that the only thing I thought of was becoming a chef,” said Jose. “I’m motivated to start work right after school. I don’t wanna lag like some graduates who get a decent job but not the best… I’m trying to figure out the best career.”

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It’s clear that helping students identify promising careers is a shared mission for Mr. Figueroa and Sharefest. “Hopefully the opportunities we presented will become a reality for these students,” said Mr. Figueroa. He emphasized the importance of SA Recycling’s involvement in the community and its encouragement of students to become good citizens and providers to the economy and the city.

The impact of SA Recycling’s support for Sharefest is immeasurable. Mayer, Executive Director of Sharefest, expressed his gratitude for the company and Mr. Figueroa’s contributions. “Moises Figueroa is an amazing human being that not only has done so much for Sharefest, but many other wonderful non-profits in the Harbor Area. We thank Moises and SA Recycling for their support and for their nuanced understanding of our mission and the value it has for our region.”

Sharefest provides ongoing mentoring, educational support, and case management to under-served students. The organization creates opportunities for students to build their networks while exploring multiple pathways to success. It also connects students directly to the workforce through industry partners and local trade organizations, guiding and supporting them after high school on their journey to the workforce or college.

Thanks to SA Recycling’s generous donation, Sharefest can continue to empower and guide under-served youth towards successful futures. It’s clear that Moises Figueroa and SA Recycling are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of these students and the community as a whole.

About Sharefest: 

Sharefest builds hope and pathways to economic success for youth facing significant barriers. Serving over 300 youth a year, their primary work takes place inside LAUSD Continuation High Schools from Wilmington to Watts. Sharefest students participate in college and career courses that accelerate earning the credits they desperately need to graduate. The Sharefest team mentors and provides students with the necessary skills, support, and connections to achieve their career and college goals. After high school graduation, youth continue to receive support, guidance, and mentoring as they enter into the workforce or community college. Sharefest’s work with youth is partially funded by facilitating service projects for area businesses who want to give back to their surrounding communities.