Marathon Petroleum has partnered with Sharefest for several years. As an organization, they believe community is important. While they take pride in fueling the Los Angeles area, they also prioritize participating in projects that make a positive change in the community.

This year Marathon partnered with Sharefest on another Marathon Day of Service. Sharefest worked with the Marathon team to find the right location for their project. Together they settled on 232nd Place School and STEM Magnet. The school is nestled within a neighborhood. It was important to LAUSD and Marathon to beautify the school so students, educators and community members could take pride in their local school.

Dr. Afia Hemphill, Community of Schools Administrator LAUSD, said, “This project is important because this is more than a school. It’s part of the community. We want students to feel comfortable, safe and happy when they come to school. What better way to do that than to come to a school filled with colorful murals, positive sayings and affirmations.”

The Marathon team of volunteers worked tirelessly alongside local youth to bring the designs to life. Over the course of the day, they completed 8 murals! Marathon Team Leader Franko Jefferson shared, “When the little kids come out here and get to see the beautification, they can take pride in their school. Plus, I love it when youth get involved. It gives them some experience and instills a sense of the importance of giving back to the community.”

Sharefest provides Corporate Days of Service to organizations like Marathon. Sharefest takes on the role of project management and organizes the event from start to finish. The investment made by organizations not only funds the service day, it also funds the Sharefest Youth Leadership Academy, aka YLA. Sharefest Executive Director, Chad Mayer, explained, “Youth in the YLA face huge barriers to success. Our programs give them life skills, mentoring, mental health support and walks with them on pathways to college or the workforce. Our ultimate goal is to help our youth mobilize from poverty and achieve success.”

Marathon’s investment transformed 232nd Place School and is also transforming the lives of area youth. Principal of 232nd, Eliza Muhammad, shared, “A project like this lets me know as a principal that the community cares about our school. It shows me the companies around our school are invested in not just the way the school physically looks, but they are invested in students. Even though our school serves elementary students, it is encouraging to me to see youth giving back. I love knowing there are options like this out there for our students as they grow.” 

Thank you to Marathon for your investment in our youth and communities!