On Saturday April 28th, around 2,700 volunteers set out through Los Angeles to make nearly $775,000 worth of improvements throughout Los Angeles, and 9 of those project sites took place in the 15th District. This massive effort is known as the Sharefest Workday and it wouldn’t have been possible without the leadership and generosity of Councilman Joe Buscaino.

ABC7 NEWS filmed some of the work done at these project sites, take a look at the video.

A variety of organizations and volunteer groups were deployed throughout the 15th District, including those from the Sharefest Youth Leadership Council, who led their very own project at Barton Hill Elementary School in San Pedro. “In the last 6 years since I’ve been in office we’ve partnered with Sharefest each and every year and it means so much to our community.” said Councilman Buscaino. “In a time were the city cannot do things alone, the school district cannot do it alone, so volunteers, students, parents, residents all volunteer to give back.”

Some of our corporate partners got involved to make an impact on Council District 15, such as the Gulf Avenue Elementary School Beautification project sponsored by Valero Energy. This project was designed to involve student volunteers so that they can create ownership in the project itself and the school they attend. During the school beautification project at Gulf Avenue Elementary, their Principal said “Just remember this, in 10-15 years you are going to come back and remember you did this mural” shared David Kooper, Principal at Gulf Avenue Elementary School.

Barton Hill Elementary School in San Pedro was a project site coordinated by the Sharefest Youth Leadership Council. A part of the Sharefest mission is to empower our youth to identify areas of need and take action to service those needs. “Seeing these high school students of our Youth Leadership Council execute this project embodies our mission and makes the city of San Pedro a better place,” said Chad Mayer, Executive Director of Sharefest.

Friendship Benches for AltaSea at the Port of LA

With the transformation of AltSea at the Port of LA progressing on a daily basis, volunteers from AltaSea and the Rotary Club gathered at the port to build friendship benches that will be used to create lasting memories right there at the port.


Wilmington’s First Ever Dog Park!

One of the most unique projects this year was the beginning of construction for Wilmington’s first ever dog park! The vision and foresight of Councilman Buscaino and Sharefest to collaborate on this project will positively impact Wilmington and it’s puppies and neighbors for years to come. This park will be open soon near the intersection of Figueroa and E Street. Watch this video of the progress on that project!


103rd Street and Wilmington in the city of Watts!

The intersection of 103rd Street and Wilmington in the city of Watts had planter boxes in disrepair until Councilman Buscaino and his team identified this location as one to improve. With representatives from the CD15 office, volunteers from The Asomugha Foundation as well as local neighbors, this area was transformed in one day as a shining example of collaboration and improvement for Watts.


As part of this effort, students from Sharefest’s Youth Development Academy and Youth Leadership Council participated in several projects during the day. Service learning is a core component of these programs that focus on developing leadership skills and civic mindedness. “We hope [the work completed during the Workday] will inspire other communities. To show that we care about our community also teaches us to be more appreciative about things around our community,” said Elmer, a student from Avalon Continuation High School.

Councilman Buscaino Tours Workday Project Sites on Facebook Live!


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