One of the projects Sharefest collaborated on with JG16, Jared Goff’s organization, was recently featured in the Detroit Lions Notes.

“Today for Notes, we are going to set aside discussion of Jared Goff’s quarterbacking on the field for the Detroit Lions and talk about the good works he’s been responsible for off the field. The Athletic’s Chris Burke brought a nice “thank you” video posted by Sharefest Community Development to our attention. Through his JG16 Foundation, Goff previously helped renovate a library at Warren Lane Elementary School in Inglewood, California in 2020 (you can see a video with the details posted by the Inglewood Unified School District online). This time, his foundation helped reclaim and reshape old space into a STEAM lab for innovative science, technology, and art instruction at that school…”

We are honored to have helped Jared and his team bring this project to life. Read the full article here.