Cecilia, aka Cece, is a strong, independent young woman who lifts the spirits of those around her. But Cece has also struggled in school and with the justice system. She has basically been raising herself. After struggling with behavioral issues at Angel’s Gate last year Cece was dismissed from the school. At first Cece was content with “just dropping out.” Unsure of what her next step should be, Sharefest worked hard to find her a placement to finish high school. The first time her Sharefest instructor and mentor, Kendra, told Cece she was proud of her for showing some impulse control, Cece shared that no one had ever told her they were proud of her before. 

Cece has worked hard over the last year to distance herself from those in her life who are not on a pathway to bettering themselves. She is currently finishing up her senior credits while taking 2 college courses and working part-time. We echo Kendra’s words and say, “Cece, we are SO proud of you!”