When Juan entered Angels Gate Continuation High School he was short on credits to graduate and did not have a focused path on what he would do after high school. With a staff of 3 instructors at that school, Sharefest instructors opened applications for students who needed guidance and wanted a mentor; Juan saw the value and applied.

Since college was never a part of Juan’s interests, and he always wanted to work in construction, our Sharefest Instructors supported him as he applied for a pre-apprenticeship with Hire LAX. Juan was realizing that his career dream, to become a superintendent of construction, was underway.

“To the mentors of Sharefest I want to say thank you, they’ve really helped me a lot. I’m glad I met Miss, Phonyta, Miss Laura, and Mr Neil.” -Juan C. 

Juan now works Monday – Friday from 4:00 AM – 12:00 PM as a carpenter at LAX. His story is one of many success stories that we are able to experience thanks to our donors. Juan is on an upward economic path toward his dream of being a superintendent. With your donations, Sharefest is able to fund mentors who directly impact the futures of students like Juan.

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