Sharefest Community Development and Rich Development have joined forces, united by their shared commitment to giving back to community and to students in the Harbor Area. 

Recognizing the importance of investing in the community’s future, Rich Development proudly supports Sharefest and their tireless efforts. Rooted in values such as sincerity, reliability, and commitment to the local community, Rich Development understands that success extends beyond financial gains. By partnering with Sharefest, they actively contribute to a more prosperous and inclusive future for all.

The collaboration between Sharefest and Rich Development has already yielded tangible results.  Volunteers from Rich Development came together to beautify Bandini Elementary School, nestled in the heart of San Pedro. This event showcased the power of community, camaraderie, and symbolizes the ongoing commitment of both organizations to uplift and transform lives.

Thank you Rich Development for painting beautiful murals on the campus of Bandini Street Elementary School in San Pedro. The school’s 100th anniversary celebration will look so much nicer with these new murals!

However, Rich Development’s support for Sharefest reaches far beyond this single event. With first-hand experience of Sharefest’s professionalism and financial prudence, Rich Development recognizes that every dollar donated to the organization goes a long way in transforming lives and building better communities. Their partnership stands as a testament to the dedication of both organizations in creating a lasting impact.

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Supporting Sharefest is more than an investment in the education and development of underprivileged youth; it is an investment in the fabric of the community itself. Through this partnership, barriers are dismantled, and a ripple effect of hope and opportunity is created, extending its reach across generations. By investing in Sharefest, Rich Development ensures students that in the Harbor Area have a fair chance to thrive.

Rich Development stands proudly alongside Sharefest Community Development, united in the mission to build hope and pathways to economic success for students in the Harbor Area. By leveraging their commitment to performance and personal integrity, Rich Development has redirected their business growth principles towards fostering a brighter future for those in need.

Expressing deep gratitude, Sharefest deeply appreciates the dedicated volunteers from Rich Development. Through their selfless acts of service, they embody the spirit of unity and compassion that defines the community. 

In a world where collaboration and community involvement are increasingly valued, the partnership between Sharefest Community Development and Rich Development serves as a powerful example. Together, we demonstrate the positive impact that can be achieved when organizations unite for a common cause. As we continue to empower youth and transform lives, the Harbor Area community moves closer to a future where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.


About Sharefest: 

Sharefest builds hope and pathways to economic success for youth facing significant barriers. Serving over 300 youth a year, their primary work takes place inside LAUSD Continuation High Schools from San Pedro to Watts. Sharefest students participate in college and career courses that accelerate earning the credits they desperately need to graduate. The Sharefest team mentors and provides students with the necessary skills, support, and connections to achieve their career and college goals. After high school graduation, youth continue to receive support, guidance, and mentoring as they enter into the workforce or community college. Sharefest’s work with youth is partially funded by facilitating service projects for area businesses that want to give back to their surrounding communities.