Life’s obstacles may be different for everyone however the ability to overcome resonates within us all.

Self-expression can be showcased in many different ways and through creative writing a recent Sharefest 2023 High School Graduate (and Summer Intern) was able to invite us into her journey.

“It has always been just me and my mom, she raised me on her own without the financial or emotional support of a partner. Having a life with very limited resources or opportunities was challenging at times but thanks to my mom, often inspiring. My mother worked hard to provide for me and create a better life despite the obstacles she faced. She filled our home with art, books, and a passion for animals. My mom raised me to be a happy child and to always have a smile on my face. She taught me at such a young age how my curiosity can be greater than my anxiety.

I have always struggled with putting myself out there. Having a severe anxiety disorder, I grew up always in my head, overanalyzing everything and trying to figure out what I should do next. I internally battled with what to do for my future because of overthinking every path and option.  

Having to begin 10 steps behind everyone else really puts life into perspective. Knowing that the race was not created for you to succeed but created for you to have to hurdle more obstacles and barriers than others kept me humble in what I thought I could achieve for my future. When I signed up for the Sharefest Summer Internship this past year, I wasn’t expecting to learn SEL (Social Emotional Learning) or the essential life lessons needed to take the next step in life into the workforce.

I grew as a person during my internship with Sharefest. I now have the ability to build a professional network, I can connect with colleagues, supervisors, and industry peers. This skill is valuable for future career opportunities. Sharefest also taught me how to enhance my problem-solving skills, communication abilities, and adaptability. Sharefest’s instructors and mentors also made me feel seen and they helped me focus on a career path.

I learned that by setting clear paths, staying persistent, and always staying positive I can visualize success and achieve my goals. Sharefest’s team supported my commitment to my dreams and helped me stay focused. My pursuit of knowledge and skills will be a fulfilling aspect of my success. Continuing my journey of being in good physical and mental health is the fundamentals needed to achieve my career goals. I now see success as a continuous journey of personal growth, learning, and self-improvement.

– Alexa, Simon Rodia High School Graduate and Summer Intern

Thank you Alexa for sharing your story with us! We are proud of you and adore your inspiring spirit to encourage others and pursue your dreams. We are excited to see all you accomplish while attending community college this year!

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