We are always in awe of our student’s creativity.

Self-expression can be showcased in many different ways and through creative writing a recent Sharefest 2023 High School Graduate (and Summer Intern) was able to invite us into her journey.

“My story begins in Saitama, Japan, where I was born into a family of young adult parents who were still discovering themselves and their paths in life. Their short-lived love story resulted in their divorce soon after my birth. With their careers demanding their time and attention, I found myself in the care of my paternal grandmother and maternal great-grandmother. Growing up between these two households allowed me to experience the best of both worlds. My great-grandmother’s house immersed me in the ways of Buddhism, while my grandmother’s home introduced me to the warmth of familial bonds and the values of my dad’s side. This duality became the cornerstone of my identity.

To be successful, I believe you must first build a strong relationship with yourself. You can achieve anything when you hold confidence in your potential and discipline yourself toward your goals. Also, having resilience and adaptability can empower you to bounce back from setbacks and thrive in an ever-changing world. Life will inevitably throw challenges on your path, shaping who you are and helping you grow. For my journey, success is tied to personal growth and self-improvement. It involves overcoming obstacles, developing new skills, and achieving inner peace. My success is about becoming a better version of myself, and my external achievements will follow. I measure this by the progress I make, the lessons I learn, and the personal transformations I undergo. I hold three core aspirations that define the narrative of my life. Travel will be my key to unlocking a world of new cultures, landscapes, and connections. My artistic career will serve as a canvas for my self-expression and storytelling, where I aim to create meaningful work that move people. Simultaneously, charitable work will be my way of giving back. I would love to positively impact those less fortunate, improving my community and the world.

Sharefest has played a pivotal role in my personal growth. Through Sharefest, I’ve had the opportunity to learn practical life skills that weren’t part of my prior knowledge, such as financial management, communication, and professionalism. These skills have enhanced my self-reliance and built my confidence in tackling the challenges of adulthood. When I started Sharefest, I was an introverted individual who didn’t have a specific direction in life and believed I would have to figure it all out on my own. During my internship, my instructors not only presented essential life skills but honed my ability to communicate effectively with my peers. Through their mentorship and lessons, I learned the value of teamwork, time management, and problem-solving. As I tackled projects and collaborated with peers, my confidence blossomed, and I found my voice in group discussions and presentations. I also gained great connections with the staff, whom I can rely on when I need guidance and support. The sense of belonging and the encouragement I’ve received from the Sharefest community have been invaluable in shaping my journey toward becoming a more capable and self-assured individual. Without this experience, I would have never been able to enrich my skill sets and feel empowered to navigate the complexities of the adult world with newfound assurance. This vital growth will continue to shape my future endeavors. I’m deeply grateful for the incredible opportunity Sharefest’s internship provided for me. The dedicated instructors and mentors who guided me along the way have played an indispensable role in my personal and professional growth. Their support has prepared me for this exciting new journey into adulthood, and I’ll forever cherish the knowledge and experience they shared with me.”

– Rinon, Angel’s Gate High School Graduate and Summer Intern

Witnessing stories such as Rinon’s keeps us motivated while serving our students. Our team at Sharefest is truly grateful to be able to empower the lives of the youth we serve and support them all as they transform their own futures.

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