Below are a few samples of the work shared at our annual Spoken Word Event and a recap video. Each of these pieces was written and presented by Sharefest students. Enjoy!

Arrogant, distasteful
Trashing, polluting, destroying
Our oceans are dying

– Dan Nguyen

Dark Thoughts
Missing people comes in waves, and I was drowning tonight
Looking back at past decisions wondering if what I did was right
Pondering if I’m just a man on my own
Are my decisions free flowing or are they set in stone?
I have the blood of the conquered and the conquerors
coursing through my veins
Mixed with mixed emotions and that’s the weight of my chains
When my shoulders are sinking from these weighted thoughts
I’m thinking, how do I connect these dots
Which parts of me are most genuine?
The version of me in your mind? Or the one of me in mine?
If we can’t see eye to eye, are we blind? Who am I?
To some I’m a stranger, the bad guy, a danger
I wish I could be your savior
To heal you, to change my behavior
A savior is what I wanted to be
I wanted to save you
I wanted to save me

– Jose Castellanos

Drawing Haiku
Pencil to paper
Triangle, square, circle all there
People places things

– Ulises Gordo Ramirez

Home Haiku
White walls tan carpet
The sun shines through the window
as I lay in bed

– Ulises Gordo Ramirez

alone, relaxed
relaxing, relieving, distressing
The best time of the day.

staged, perfect
entertaining, performing, playing
the dream future

– Sean Ruvalcaba

Let It Out
Your life filter is normally Pallet
Everything is normal and flowing well
Nothing out of the ordinary
Nothing new to tell

You continue to do the same thing
Every single day
Go to work and come back home
Waiting for that pay

Your life filter starts turning gray
Starts feeling like whatever, emotionless…
You don’t know what’s that you are doing wrong
But you ignore the grayness

Your life takes a tumble
You feel really anti-social
You wanted to stay home
And watch the new Netflix special

The only thing wrong with you
Is that you have to change your routine
Let some emotions out
Just…let it all out

– Sean Ruvalcaba

The fog on his feet
It sits looking over the harbor and the city
Silently irritated
Then slowly moved on
Not my concern anymore

– Jamier Harris